How Our Sprint Training Workouts Plan Works?

A custom tailored training program has to be developed to meet one’s individual needs taking into consideration many factors: age, gender, objectives, strengths, weaknesses etc. As everyone training for sprint running has different needs, a single training program suitable for all is not possible. Our sprint training plan is custom tailored to meet your specific needs and objectives.

Our Sprint training plan focuses on developing low-level anaerobic training by increasing intensity or duration of repetition runs. It is designed to work on developing muscular strength and endurance via circuit training inc. free weight exercises. The sprint workout training program includes specific sprinting and event skills via bend running, block start rehearsal and rhythm runs etc.

Why Us?

Our sprint training program helps develop specific sprinting skills via cadence and acceleration drills. The training plan is designed to maintain strength endurance levels with reduced volume in mini-circuit training sessions and to develop competitive ability through Timed Trials.

The Aim of Our Online Sprint Training Program:
• General development of strength, mobility, endurance, and basic technique
• Development of specific fitness and advanced technical skills required in Sprinting
• Competition experience - achievement of qualification times for actual competition
• Competition experience and achievement of outdoor objectives
• Active recovery - planning preparation for next season


Unlike running, sprinting requires a lot more strength and stamina. Sprinting is much more dynamic and explosive version of running. It requires more power and muscle activation as compared to running.

Our sprint training improves speed and power. As sprinting is essentially a speed training. It increases your speed and power, leading to a faster running speed.

We do interval training to get faster and in order to build explosive running strength. Our sprint training program help sprinters gain endurance, improve technique, build speed and get quicker.

Sprinting is running as fast as you can over a short period of time or distance. Although sprinting burns a lot of calories, there is not enough time for your body to use fat as a fuel source during a sprint.