What is Our Speed and Agility Workout for Athletes Training Plan?

The Speed and Agility online training plan is a cutting-edge step-by-step training system that combines all the necessary components of athletic speed development, combining linear speed, multi-directional speed, explosiveness, and injury prevention into a strategic, easy to implement program that will allow you to reach your performance potential. Our speed and agility online training plans have been created in an effort to improve and achieve the best possible speed and agility an athlete wishes for. Our speed and agility online training plans are focused on programs and training necessary to help athletes improve their athleticism, including linear/lateral speed, power, balance, quick feet, change of direction, running form, core, etc.

How Does It Work?

Our speed and agility training plan is tailored to enhance your ability to change speed and direction of movement and appropriately react to all given stimuli. This makes a huge difference between injury and safety or success. Improving speed, change of direction and reaction time is what you'll be improving over time with our speed and agility training plan. In this training program, you will learn different tactics on speed, agility, and strength training that will help in improving your performance and will decrease the chance of injury.
Our speed and agility training program helps you get the best results by implementing a complete speed development system that addresses:

• Effective Warm Up
• Base Conditioning
• Linear Acceleration
• Top End Speed Mechanics
• Lateral & Crossover Acceleration
• Retreating Skills
• Power Development
• Strength Training


Our speed and agility training program is designed to work all your leg and core muscles, as well as the tendons in your body. Our training program works on multiple sports postures; change of direction, change of footwork and change of angle. It helps increase your performance and in minimizing chances of injury.

We start with improving your balance. Our speed and agility training program incorporates balancing exercises to increase overall agility. This also reduces the chances of getting an injury.

Our Speed and agility training will help improve your performance. While speed and agility rely on a combination of core and lower-body strength, quickness refers to your body's reflexive reactions. Our training program focuses on both.

Agility training helps in increasing balance, control and flexibility. It allows the body to maintain proper posture during movement and thus reduces the chances of an injury. Speed and agility training enables the body to learn right body position, which means injury prone areas like the shoulders, lower back and knees are protected while moving quickly.