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Furness Active Coaching*

Elite training from competitive athlete turned coach John Pearce

With a versatile and holistic approach, Furness Active helps everyone from adult fitness classes, personal training right through to professional athletes. Delivering speed, strength, conditioning and skills coaching to improve performance in any sport. Currently offering fun, enriching classes for children of all ages as well as special packages painstakingly tailored to achieve specific results for a range of athletic goals. 


Sports Coaching
for Schools*

John’s credentials include:
  • First-hand experience as a competitive track& field athlete
  • BA Honours Sport Management
  • Sport Science BTEC Diploma
  • Level 4 Athletics Coach
  • FA Level 1 Football Coach
  • Level 1 Cricket Coach
John can deliver exciting, inclusive sports coaching for children of all ages. The school programmes from Furness Active support physical education and development for children of both primary and secondary age, assisting teachers deliver the PE curriculum with efficiency and creativity. With a private coaching package from Furness Active, you can unlock the potential hidden in the school PE curriculum. Physical development is an essential element of a child’s growth, and our school coaching packages can help children discover their athletic talents and abilities.

Running Coaching*

Running is the beating heart of all athletic sports, and Furness Active offers a range of training programmes to help improve running performance. The online coaching plans currently available are:
  • 5km Training Plan
  • 10km Training Plan
  • 10 Mile Training Plan
  • Half Marathon Training Plan
  • Marathon Training Plan
  • Ultra Marathon Training Plan
Every plan has been meticulously crafted to help people of all fitness levels reach their goals with progressive running and conditioning practices. Build towards your goals in a safe, healthy and achievable way with advice and guidance for every stage. And if you want a more tailored approach, you can enquire about our private coaching options for a training regime designed to be as unique as you are, with all your individual needs taken into account. With training from Furness Active, you can achieve your running goals.

Track & Field Training*

John has competed for over 10 years as a sprinter with Barrow & Furness Striders AC, winning county medals for Cumbria in the 100m, 200m and Long Jump. He was the indoor 60m Champion for 2015/2016 – in short, John knows what it takes to be a winner. If you compete in Track & Field events, a training programme from Furness Active will fine-tune your mind, body and technique to achieve your full potential. By developing your sprinting and improving your technique, you will see yourself hitting those targets and competing at the level you know you’re capable of.

Strength & Conditioning to Improve Performance*

If you play football or rugby, you could benefit from developing your running skills to boost speed and stamina all over the field. If you’re a boxer, you might benefit from conditioning training to strengthen your core and add speed and power to your movement. Whatever your sport, Furness Active can deliver training plans designed to help strengthen and condition your body to improve your performance in the areas you need. John Pearce is a scholar of sports science as well as a competitor with an extensive track record of success. With his expertise, your strength and conditioning training can be optimised for maximum results.

Furness Active Online Training Plans*

Our online plan 

Every online plan you see here was carefully curated by John Pearce, with a progressive and holistic to developing your body to achieve the results you desire. Different running distances require different approaches, and everyone’s body is unique, so John has designed specialist plans to work for you. For a one-off fee, you get unlimited access to your chosen training plan, helping you build towards your goals in a safe and effective way. John’s credentials and experience speak for themselves – get elite training advice from a successful athlete and certified coach, and be a part of the growing list of Furness Active success stories!

Furness Active Private Training*

Improving your athletic skills

John’s training encompasses diverse movement skills for speed, agility and power, making them beneficial to all sporting activities. Furness Active’s private training sessions can prepare students with movement skills to improve general wellbeing as well as more sport-specific considerations. Private training types also include:
  • Indoor/outdoor Football Coaching
  • Kwik Sticks Fun Indoor/Outdoor Hockey
  • Indoor/Outdoor Cricket Training
Add these classes to John’s specialist Track & Field, Running and Conditioning sessions, and you have access to a wide range of quality, results-focused training from a successful athlete. And when you go private, you get the very best John has to offer as a coach, with a programme tailored to suit the client’s individual needs. You’ll be amazed at the value for money from Furness Active.

If you want to take advantage of private training from Furness Active, we would love to hear from you! Give us a call on 07920 867 743 or drop us an email at furnessactive@gmail.com.

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